Elected and Appointed Officers of Tyre Grand Lodge #1214


Brother Andre' Johnson

Grand Master

Grand Lodge Elected Officers

Brother Andre' Johnson, Grand Master

Brother Jasin Holmes, Deputy Grand Master

Brother LaWaun Clendening,  Grand Secretary

Brother Ron Morris Jr.  , Grand Teasurer

Brother Ashford Johnson , Grand Senior Warden

Brother Darnell Ellison ,,Grand Junior Warden





 Grand Lodge Appointed Officers

 Grand Senior Deacon, Bro. Michael Curtis

 Grand Junior Deacon, Marshall Webster

 Grand Senior Stewart, Walter Price Jr.

 Grand Junior Stewart, Paul Nash

 Grand Chaplain, Troy Holbert

 Grand Tyler, James Cade Jr.

 Grand Trustee,

 Grand Trustee

 Grand Trustee

 Grand Chief Justice, James Dickerson

 Grand Forum, Iran Meadows

 Grand Forum, Andre Johnson

 Grand Forum