Elected and Appointed Officers of Tarshish Grand Chapter


                         Sister Toni Scruggs

                          Grand Worthy Matron

 Grand Chapter Elected Officers

Sister Toni Scruggs, Grand Worthy Matron

Sister Sherrie Price, Associate Grand Worthy Matron

Brother Bobby Johnson, Grand Patron

Brother Jonathan Fenn, Grand Associate Patron

Sister Princess Johnson, Grand Secretary

Sister Johnnetria Meadows , Grand Conductress

Sister  Catrena Lawrence, Grand Associate Conductress

Sister Tene Fenn, Grand Chairman of Trustees

Sister , Grand Trustee near the Treasurer

Sister LaTocha Jones , Grand Trustee near the Secretary

Sister Touchere Johnson, Past Grand Worthy Matron

Sister Linda Smith, Past Grand Worthy Matron

Sister Ruby Wyatt-Hyde, Past Grand Worthy Matron

Sister Brenda Seay, Past Grand Worthy Matron


                                    Grand Chapter Appointed Officers

                     Grand Adah

                     Grand Ruth

                     Grand Esther

                     Grand Martha

                     Grand Electa

                     Grand Chaplain

                     Grand Christian Flag Bearer

                     Grand U.S. Flag Bearer

                     Grand OES Flag Bearer

                     Grand Marshal

                     Grand Marshal

                     Grand Marshal

                     Grand Marshal

                     Grand Mashal

                     Grand Warder

                     Grand Sentinel

                     Special Assistant to the Grand Worthy Matron

                     Grand Deputy of Goodwill and Prosper

                     Grand Deputy of Education

                     Grand Recorder