Tennessee Grand Council Chapters

Charity Chapter #815







Delphinus Chapter #215







New Era Chapter #380






Ladies of Endurance #874






 Radiant Star #859







Sarai Chapter #419







ZiCandace Chapter #748

Women of Integrity


Zia Chapter

Agape Chapter #1092

Sister Catrena Lawrence, Worthy Matron

Sister Valerie Cook, Secretary

Nashville, TN




 Sister Triscilla Morris, Worthy Matron

Sister  , Secretary

Nashville, TN





Sister  De'Nieccea Bah, Worthy Matron

Sister Chelsea Adams, Secretary

Nashville, TN




Sister Ta'Mika Bonds, Worthy Matron

Sister Sasha Moore, Secretary

Chattanooga, TN



Sister Sherrie Price, Worthy Matron

Sister Betty Burgess,  Secretary

Chattanooga, TN





Sister Tene Fenn, Worthy Matron

Sister  Zabrina Nieves, Secretary

Nashville, TN




Sister Johnnetria Meadows, Worthy Matron

Sister Kim Bronaugh, Secretary

Nashville, TN

Sister Kimberly Wallace, Worthy Matron

Sister , Secretary

Sister Demetres Coonrod, Worthy Matron



 Sister Barbara Bouie, Worthy Matron

Sister Anita McAfee, Secretary